The outdoor pool filled with thermal water maintains a natural temperature of around 32-36 degrees centigrade and comes from an ancient spring twenty metres underground. We offer you the opportunity to reap the benefits of this natural spring directly from our hotel.

Thermal Waters
Long ago man discovered the benefits of thermal water and the practice of bathing in the waters has resisted social and scientific changes.

The process of bathing in the thermal waters can give beneficial effects for many ailments including mobility, the respiratory system and the genital area. It has the capacity to reactivate the functions of our body and considerably accelerates the transformation of the products of our metabolism and helps to give general well being.

Dermatology and the Thermal Waters
Thermal water was probably one of the first treatments used to try and treat skin conditions such as dermatitis. Still today, many forms of dermatitis and other skin imperfections react favourably to the thermal water treatment and offer a worthwhile alternative to those wishing to avoid cortisone therapy which has well documented negative side effects.

Rheumatolgy, Traumatology and the Thermal Waters
Thermal water therapy can also provide relief from many of the main symptoms of arthritis such as pains and stiffness. In particular the therapy aids relaxation both physically and mentally quickening the pace of rehabilitation of the affected areas.

In general for problems such as rheumatic diseases and chronic neuritis the thermal therapy can slow down the degenerative process linked to those diseases. For the people who suffer them, it can provide a notable reduction of the problems suffered and a marked improvement to motor capacity.

Thanks to hydrotherapy in thermal water, those with fractures can experience rehabilitation in various areas; such as motor function, movement and static and dynamic defects All these things can be treated using thermal water with various degrees of success.

Please notice that the material published on this page is for informational purpose only. We invite anyone with any serious medical problems to consult their doctors advice before bathing in the thermal waters